Dear Reader,

First of all,

Let me apologize for my inability to make post on this blog in the last two weeks, I really do not like giving excuses so, I would leave it like that. I am deeply and sincerely sorry. I trust that my apology has been accepted, so let’s get started.

Earlier this week, The Vice President Professor Yemi Oshibajo posted a message on twitter from a speech he had given in a university as he celebrated his 60th birthday, I would like you to read through the excerpt in attached on this post (Below).

The year is rounding off, and most of us are already making plans for 2018, bearing in mind that the goal is to always have a better year than the previous years, as such I would like to share something I considered dear to me, when it comes to achieving ones’ goals, which is to get the right motivation and be consistent. We really cannot afford to give up, the pursuit of the kind of life we want to live doesn’t come easy, especially when you are trying to keep all this legally right as well as morally right, circumstance and life must have made it appear like you cannot get the kind of life that you want without being shady. This is a lie. You could be the man or woman you want to be with clean hands. Nothing is easy really, so, brace up and fight it through. With the right mindset and the right motivation, you will overcome, you weren’t created a mediocre so be MORE.

We all have what motivates us to want to do more and better, which is key. One of my greatest motivation is the kind of name I intend to leave for my children and the desire to do more than my parents have done. I see this motivation as sacred. Imagine if we all want to be better people than our parents were, I tell you the transformation that will hit this nation would be massive and our sphere would never recover from it. The woes of the fathers shouldn’t befall the children also, we should learn from their mistakes and do better, our children should learn from ours also, as we concurrently tell them the mistakes of our own fathers we have learnt from. The truth is every generation has it challenges, so there really cannot be scarcity of mistakes they would always have to deal with new things and hurdles, while I was younger homosexuality wasn’t a topic I was aware of, but now my younger sisters of 8 were giving an assignment to find out what homosexual marriage means.

The world is evolving there is no need to move into tomorrow with the troubles of today, it has its own troubles already. So, as you wake up every day of your life vow to do better, be better and DO more. Talk is cheap remember, get the right things to motivate you, that will steer you up to work even when you feel down and out, there is a lot of energy on your inside than you are aware of, draw from it, keep the fire burning, don’t stop. It is not easy, don’t play yourself, if anyone tell you it is they lied to you, you work for all you want and earn it, which is one of the reasons I find sexism ridiculous, nobody get respect and sustains this respect, just because they are masculine or feminine, people earn what they want. With this thought running through you mind you can be sure that you can still make things happen this year and have a better next year.




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