My Thoughts on the Serena Williams Saga

The US OPEN finals was played Saturday night and a twenty year old, named Noami Osaka won one of the greatest players of the game to win the trophy which happens to be her first grand slam title. I am particularly happy for her because she deserved it, the games she had won showed she had worked really hard to get to where she was.

But I was saddled about how the events on that day turned out, the show which ought to be that of the winner eventually became that of the loser. So rather than we celebrating this young woman who had written history for herself and her country we were dragged into the muddy waters of sentiments and asinine. Twitter was all about Serena.

Before the match I was rooting for Serena, this is because she is an amazing woman and athlete, when you talk Serena you talk winning, grace, courage, determination, drive and resilience. I absolutely admire her. She however disappoined me, with the way and manner she reacted on Saturday to the punishment given her by the umpire. Serena Williams was furious at match umpire Carlos Ramos after he penalised the American in the second set.

The 36-year-old received a code violation after her coach Patrick Mouratoglou was adjudged to have coached her from the stands. This fact her coach admitted during the post match interview. Whether Serena approved of the illegality committed by her coach or not is really not our business or a fact In issue here. The fact was she was furious and acted absolutely unruly. One could argue that she is also human which i entirely agree with (i think we need to always give celebrities breaks as the aren’t immortals). Thus she been angry wasn’t wrong, she is allowed to be angry, however she disrespected a lot of us( who are her fans) by the words she uttered thereafter.

Serena Williams who was obviously pained by the effect of the punishment on her scores and the determination of Noami Osaka, who was ready to beat her idol, pulled the dumbest of stunt by playing the gender card, she couldn’t play the race card because her opponent was also black, so that would not have won her the pity she was craving. Serena called the umpire a thief then goes on to say that if she was a man the umpire wouldn’t have penalized her for verbally abusing him, she made reference to how other male players verbally abused officials and go scot free, then during the post match conference she makes if a gender issue and fighting for the rights of women. This is just absolute disrespected. She owe we her fans a sincere apology, for abusing our intelligence by chicanery and Noami Osaka for ruining what ought to be her best night.

Serena Williams is not only wrong to say that male athletes don’t get punished, that’s was absurd and let say she was right does it justify her verbally abusing someone?, so the fact that men get away with makes it right or what? if her moral values are as high as she paints its then she should know that abusing people in any form is wrong regardless of who says it.

If she was really fight for women, then she should have respected Noami. That young woman was sad and embarrassed that she won a championship she had worked really hard for and deserved. Noami cherished Serena a lot, when she was asked what message she has for Serena a day to the grand finale she shyly responded ” I love You”. After the match she went on this say that she knows that everyone was rooting for Serena before the match and that she is sorry it had to end that way. Again during the post match conference she said when she was going into the court to play she stoped been a Serena fan and played just like an ordinary player but when she hugged Serena after the match she felt like a kid.

Her words are really humbling, if Serena was really concerned about women she should have just let this girl flourish and own her night. Rather she stole the show, depriving another woman her accolades. She could have let things slide then address it on the media or appropriate authority. I love Serena Williams but Saturday was a no no for me.

Djokovic smashed his racket, he takes a point penalty and lost the game. He has been fined and suspended several times, but the world didn’t stop. Why should Serena’s case be different. Serena has abused and threatened other women verbally a lot of times, was she protecting women’s rights when she did that?. Then Gabrielle Union also went on to tweet the dumbest of all things that night( a story for another day). It appears that that my best woman athlete had a really bad night. Being quite would have been honourable.

PS: I love you, Serena Williams but I also love the truth.


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